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Download Archero MOD APK latest version to get unlimited money, speed, and immortality with MOD unlocked in Archero Hack/Cheat APK.
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Archero MOD APK

Download the latest Apk Version 4.12.2 of  Archero MOD APK.

Archero MOD APK Immortal, Unlimited Speed, Money, God Mod, Damage

Archero MOD APK Latest Version 4.12.2 – This is a game made by the well-known publisher Habby. This game has always been inspired by archers who experience dangerous adventures themselves. An exciting adventure begins in the game and you have to control your character to defeat the monsters that block your way with a bow and arrow. In addition, the game has many other attractive features to support your adventure.

Information About Archero MOD APK

App Name Archero MOD APK
Latest Version V4.12.2
Size 156 MB
Developed By Habby
Platform Android
Requirement 5.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads 50 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Immortality, GOD Mode, Instant Kill, Damage, Speed, MOD Unlocked
Get Original APK on Google Play

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Game Overview

As a lone archer surrounded by monsters and enemies, the player must help the protagonist find a way out of his situation. Use your excellent archery skills, chase enemy waves, develop your skills and abilities, and fend off attacks. Experience a unique archery game in Archero and discover dozens of exciting aspects the game has to offer.

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Archero MOD APK Features

Prepare Yourself For A Long Journey

The first thing to do in this game is you can choose your character. The character is presented in the game and you can choose the character according to your preferences. But since this is the character that will guide you in this game, you have to think about it carefully and once you get it you will move to the next level like finding the right gear, weapons according to your preference. And when the team and everything are ready, start a real war!

Dangers Are Around You

It is time to embark on this difficult adventure. But keep calm. A warrior’s temperament, the flame, is always burning within you and embarking on this journey. And once you have chosen this path, you will always have to face the forces of evil that want to prevent you from moving on. And now you become a lone archer and start a war with your fighting partner. Now you must know to always move forward, not backward, and fight to defeat the evil monsters. Always remember “Never give up,” because the forces of evil will never give up. They will always want to stop and take your life. And don’t bleed too much. Once this is done, the only way is to go back to the beginning. Therefore, always be careful in every situation!

Different Items Will Be Given To You

But rest assured warriors, you will definitely lose more if you come to Archero Hack APK! The faces with these monsters will not be too scary as there are several features that will help the game. And this is exactly a difficult game when there are many levels to overcome, such as the game developer’s introduction. So this game also has some very special features to help you fight the monsters. So when you walk through the stage you earn gold and experience. If your experience metrics are enough to boost your level, it’s time to increase your potential. You can choose between special and random skills. After selecting this item, you can use this function in the next step.

Unique And Incredible Graphics

The game also has other cool features that make it more fun. When it comes to game versatility, Archero Cheat APK always prides itself. Thanks to a team of professional and creative graphic designers, the game’s graphics data storage is always rich. Especially when it comes to creating an adventure game, the game seems to work very well. Lots of beautiful and colorful worlds have been introduced to the game and now players can access various very high-quality maps through a large data warehouse. The game graphics have been upgraded to Full HD, allowing players to experience the most authentic adventure.

Face The Obstacles

In addition, the gameplay presents a number of obstacles that can be challenging for the player. There will be many obstacles in the adventure. In addition, the various monsters encountered by the player will also turn against them. Various demonic forms have been created, from little monsters to big bosses. What are you waiting for without having to install Archero quickly to experience an exciting adventure game!

Unlimited Gems

This is the most important feature of the Archero cheat apk. Gems, as we all know, are essential for upgrading. It’s even possible to utilize it to unlock all of your tactics. The primary issue is that you have to earn it by accomplishing increasingly difficult missions as you progress. Furthermore, after finishing a mission, you are given a limited number of gems, which are insufficient to develop your overall character. As a result, you will have infinite gems in this mod apk, which you can spend whenever you want. You can also utilize these limitless jewels to boost your energy levels.

Prepare for the worst.

Archero presently includes 26 separate “chapters” or campaigns. From the beginner-friendly Verdant Prairie to the recently introduced Land of the Dead, these chapters cover a wide range of topics. Because each chapter has adversaries, bosses, and, of course, rewards and loot, each chapter seems like a separate dungeon crawling game.

While we’d want to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to complete a campaign, each chapter is divided into several “stages,” so there isn’t a single way to get through them all. Each time you play a campaign, each stage is randomized, with new obstacles and adversaries. This means that in order to succeed in the game, you must first prepare and upgrade your heroes and skills.

Heroes Level

By going to the equipment screen and tapping “Change Hero,” you may easily check your hero level. Each hero has a certain amount of attack power and health points, which increase as the hero’s level increases. It’s worth noting that each hero has a maximum level that can be increased.

Campaign Level

Your campaign level is largely determined by how well you perform at each chapter stage. Each monster and adversary destroyed in a stage rewards you with gold coins, which you can use to raise your level. Each new campaign level grants you access to three RNG-determined assault abilities. However, you can only choose one of the three options at every level. With each additional level, their talents grow stronger. It’s also possible to add the same ability that stacks with your previous selection.

Player Level

You’ll receive experience points (XP) as part of your loot for each game you play, regardless of whether you died or completed a chapter. This XP is then added to your Adventure level, which determines how many times your talents can be upgraded. As previously said, you cannot choose which specific talent to upgrade because an RNG selects one for you after you pay the gold coins.

Hero Mode vs. Normal Mode

As previously stated, the game features two modes: normal and hero. After completing a few levels and missions in normal mode, you can unlock hero mode. For unlocked campaigns and levels, Hero mode is effectively a “hard mode.”

Enemies in Hero mode have been considerably enhanced. On each level, there are also more traps and blockades, and some opponents may have unique attack patterns and movements.

While the awards and loot for completing levels in hard mode are the same as in normal mode, players who complete the challenge will earn special clear rewards per chapter. If you have the time, try clearing each chapter on hero mode at least once.

God Mode is a special mode

Do you want to become a god in order to be untouchable? Then you’ll love this Archero god mode apk. You will become indestructible after activating this mod, and no oncoming evil wave will be able to defeat you. A high damage feature is also included in this Archero god mod apk  4.12.2 . That means you can take out any of your bad foes with a single shot.

However, I would not recommend using this mod because it would detract from the overall enjoyment of the game. You will also feel bored after using this hack because you will destroy your enemies without taking any harm.

  • Immortality
  • GOD Mode
  • Instant Kill
  • Damage
  • Speed
  • MOD Unlocked

Players Reviews

So the stronger you get in this game enemies get stronger by 10 times the amount. It seems the more you upgrade the harder the same levels get. Re: your automated response annoys me. I’ve seen the same response on multiple reviews. First I’ve mentioned I’ve upgraded and quite thoroughly. What part of “as I get stronger so do the enemies,” do you not understand? Second, do not give me automated responses. Just for that, I will not rate a five-star ever even if you do fix the issues.

Enjoyed up to chapter 11;31. Starts to become a hassle leveling and upgrading somewhere between chapter 8-10. Good luck guys, extreme BS if you don’t plan on paying to win. *EDIT* the number of enemies in a level and the scarcity of coins to level with at that point in-game. You can barely see some attacks which makes death absolute and it seems there’s some bad lag because every time that spike hits, half my Hp is gone. Been playing for years and spent cash, but some things need fixing.

370 hours of gameplay time. You get to a point where you either pay to get forward (buy chests which also have ridiculously low chances of dropping good stuff) OR you play for like 1 month to get an upgrade in level, in power, or upgrade an item rarity. They adding dumb amounts of new stuff to grab even more cash from people. Too expensive stuff for too bad rewards. You never get to a point where you’re up to date with items and stuff, until you get your upgrades, new stuff comes out.

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Why The MOD Version Isn’t Available On Google Play?

There are millions of games & apps available in the Google play store, and to be there the apps need to fulfill some set of rules as directed by Google. In the case of Archero MOD APK Premium Version 4.12.2 , it does not fulfill the rules set by Google because Google Play Store doesn’t provide the modded or premium version of any application. This is the reason, why this game is not available in the google play store.

How to Install Archero MOD APK on Android?

First of all, make sure to delete any previous version of this game installed on your device. Then, go to settings, click on security, and then click on Enable The Unknown Sources(just in case if the installation doesn’t start).

The mod APK file for this app is very easy to install. Here are a few steps to install this app on Android devices.

Enable Unknown Sources

  1. Click on the download button below to download
  2. Wait until the download completes, then open it
  3. Install the app on your android device.
  4. Follow all the instructions given inside.
  5. Once it is properly installed, start, and enjoy the amazing features of this fantastic app.

How to Install Archero MOD APK on PC?


It’s very easy to Install Archero MOD APK on a PC. You can either use Bluestacks or NOX player to do so. Here is the method.
1. First of all you will have to download and install the Bluestacks player into your pc, which is an android emulator and used to run any mobile application on pc.
2. After installing the emulator you will have to download the mod APK from our site.
3. After downloading you need to execute the file or click on “Import From Windows” for installation purposes.
4. After installation click on the launch button and you are good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions About Archero

What is a combo in Archero?

A combo is a collection of skills that work together to make the game simpler. Many various elements influence the choice of the ideal combo. If you’re on the third level, for example, each shot must hit the target and inflict as much damage on as many foes as possible. Another thing to think about is the type of weapon you have. It’s a lot more fun to shoot tornadoes in all directions than it is to shoot arrows backward or sideways.

What do talents give in Archero?

Talents are long-term enhancements that can be bought with gold. Pump your talents on the talent page to buy talents. Talents boost a variety of features of your character, such as damage, health, and the amount of HP you regain after a loss.

How do I save my progress in the game in Archero?

Archero can be accessed via a Game Center or Google Play Games account. If you are logging into the game for the first time and are not logged into your Game Center (iOS) or Google Play Games (Android) account, you will be logged in as a guest. You won’t lose your save if you uninstall and reinstall the game because saved guest account data are attached to your phone. The saved guest data, on the other hand, cannot be transferred to other devices.

Can I play Archero on multiple devices?

You can, but it’s not recommended: simply log into the same Game Center (iOS) or Google Play (Android) account to synchronise game progress across various devices. If you only have one save on your devices, you will lose stones if you open a free chest on device A and then open it again on device B, because the chest was previously open on device A. It’s advisable not to play on many devices at the same time to avoid losing stones by accident.

What is the best weapon in Archero?

In the early game, the Tornado is widely regarded as the best weapon type. As a bonus, it has punctured on it, and it also returns to you, dealing additional damage to your adversaries.

What is the best character in Archero?

  • Blaze (37,5%): 30% 3 times a second, up to 2 seconds.
  • Bolt (37,5%): 68% equipment damage on 1st target, also 25% damage on nearby.
  • Freeze (12,5%): Freezes enemies 0,5 seconds.
  • Poison Touch (12,5%): 80% base damage per second until enemies die.


I hope you are clear about everything related to Archero MOD APK after reading this comprehensive article guide written by APKHORSE. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section provided below and we will love to answer your queries. Also, go through other articles to get more amazing Mods.

Thank You.

What's new

  • New Feature: Chapter Quick Raid
  • New Daily Event: Hero Party
  • New Chapter: Nightmare Land
  • New Progression Feature in Farm and Hatchery



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