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Call of Duty Mobile is an intense game with enchanting use of graphics, tools, settings, characters, and props which makes it unique from other video games and also adds to enhancing the difficulty as you reach higher and higher in levels.
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Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK

Download the latest Apk version 1.0.38 of Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK, An Action game for Android.

Android is indeed a great platform for developers to introduce their new games, especially games that involve multiple actions & multiplayer support on touch screens like FPS. That being said, more and more gamers are looking for a good action game to enjoy on their devices. However, it’s not always easy finding a decent game due to the saturated Android game market in which every day more and more action games are being added. Hence, you’ll be having a tough time looking for an action game that suits your taste and stands out from the others. Don’t worry, Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK would specifically be one of a few games that you’ll find satisfying.

What is Call Of Duty Mobile Mobile?

Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK 1.0.38 2023 is a shooting video game based on World War II. The developers kept doing various modifications over time. It was originally developed in 2003. Call of Duty Mobile is an intense game with enchanting use of graphics, tools, settings, characters, and props which makes it unique from other video games and also adds to enhancing the difficulty as you reach higher and higher in levels. It has become one of the most well-known war game collections of all time, with the increment of countless millions of fans across the world over the course of the previous 10 years.

Call Of Duty Mobile got the most fame in the year 2020 when it’s competitor game PUBG mobile got banned in several highly populated countries like India & Pakistan. After that, players started playing Call Of Duty mobile on their android devices as well as PCs with the help of android emulators. From the first Call of Duty, in which you defend Stalingrad against German powers, to the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, this whole COD collection takes the action genre to a more realistic facet of warfare. This amazing game has earned a place in the hearts of the majority of gamers out there.

As I already mentioned that PUBG mobile and COD mobile give each other a tough competition so new features and events keep adding in both of these games. The 100-person battle royale classic survival map is certainly the area where many players wish to go and test as well as polish their skills.

Information About Call Of Duty Mobile MOD APK

App Name Call Of Duty Mobile
Version 1.0.38
Size 88 MB
Features Aimbot, Unlocked Characters, Auto-Reloading Weapons, Anti-Ban, Unlimited Money
Worldwide Downloads 100,000,000+
Root Required No
Platform Android
Get it on Google Play
Developed by Activision Publishing, Inc.
Genre Action, War

Game Overview

COD Mobile is one of Activision’s best innovations in the COD series. You’ll find practically all of the popular and always-favorite maps in this game, including Hijacked, Standoff, Rust, Killhouse, and many others. Furthermore, this masterwork includes a wide range of armor, from melee to throwables. In addition, fantastic new weaponry such as Cordite, Razorback, Pharo, KRM 262, Man-O-War, and others have been added to this massive game.

Aside from features and armory, The COD Mobile has a variety of fun modes. When we count the overall modes in the game, we find that there are over 20 different modes, and COD Mobile continues to add new types to the game on a regular basis. All of the Free-For-All, Multiplayer, Search and Destroy, and Domination modes from the main console COD Black OPS 2 games are available in the COD Mobile game. Almost everything in this game is great, whether it’s the graphics, sound codec, armory, mode variety, exceptional maps, and so on. If you haven’t played this game yet, you should download it and play it from your own perspective; it will astonish you.

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Features Of Call Of Duty Mobile MOD APK

Here is a list of some of the awesome features of COD Mobile MOD APK


Aimbot is one of the most important features & characteristics of this Call of Duty MOD Version where Aimbot assists the User to kill the enemy in 1 shot with an automatic aim. Also, Aimbot enables the character to shoot at the opponent from a distance by putting the aim close to the enemy even if the player couldn’t aim closer to the opponent & pressing on the shooter button in a space. This aids the player in collecting and wasting too many bullets for killing a single enemy. Aimbot allows the player to shoot the enemy with a single shot from a distance even by placing the Aimbot near the enemy and pressing the shot button from a distance. It will automatically recognize the target and would kill it in one attempt and with a single bullet.

It will automatically identify the enemy & will kill it in 1 shot & predict Aimbot may appear to be somewhat hard to use for beginners or noobs since it sees the user be quite particular in regards to putting the Aimbot near the enemy otherwise game may detect your behavior and ban you temporarily or permanently. This feature is quite valuable for achieving a milestone in murdering the enemies.

Online Modes

You may now play online with your friends by building a team in the mobile mod version of Call of Duty, which offers users even another wonderful multiplayer option. By hitting as many targets as you can with the assistance of your online buddies, this function has given video games an amazing twist and increased possibilities of success.

Unlocked Characters

All the characters involved have been already unlocked without crossing any particular stage. In the original and official version of Call of Duty, the player has to cross and finish a certain number of levels in order to unlock the characters he wants but this modified version has removed the difficulty of going through different levels and winning them in order to get money & buy characters. The unlocking process of the official version was way too time-wasting and difficult. In the case of playing in multiplayer mode, it made it very difficult to create a team as some players wanted to push their rank and some wanted to do rush gameplay, but the mod version has eased that inconvenience by unlocking all the characters at the same time for every player without setting a particular target to achieve.

Auto Reloading Weapons

Even a combat or war game needs the player to reload the weapons after the gun magazine becomes empty which can delay the process of enemy killing and it could also provide the enemy enough time to attack and eventually kill you. However, Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK does not require the players to follow the same rule as it has introduced the feature of auto-reloading of weapons. It provides you enough time to kill the enemy targets without wasting the time. This feature also saves the player from the time-consuming activity of reloading the weapon again and again and helps focus on the target enemies only.

Mechanism of control

Call of Duty Mobile will provide gamers with the purest and most known FPS gameplay, as opposed to the previous mobile strategy game version. Through a relatively easy control mechanism, players may walk freely and shoot like in a genuine PC game with a system of guns and incredibly various army classes such as Machine Gun, Sniper, or Raid. In general, the control system of this game will not differ significantly from that of other games in the genre, so we will not discuss it in this post. Don’t worry if you’re a new player; the tutorial system will display. And assist you in quickly becoming familiar with the game’s mechanics.

There are numerous popular modes

Players in Call of Duty Mobile will be able to engage in epic battles on the game’s huge battlefields. Players can engage in combat with other players on popular maps such as Natuown and Crash in a variety of game styles. The unique feature is that they are all optimized for mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the game with ease.

Call of Duty Mobile, like other versions on PC or console, offers players the series’ most popular game types, such as Team Deathmatch, Frontline, and others. This will undoubtedly assist players in maintaining a state of delight and avoiding boredom while playing the game for an extended period of time.

Also, if you’re playing Call of Duty Mobile, don’t forget to change and customize your character to your liking to receive a better sense of excitement. Players will receive a large amount of gold after each combat. And you may quickly design a character that suits your style by unlocking a variety of characters, symbols, weapons, and clothing.

The graphics are stunning.

In terms of graphics, Call of Duty Mobile employs the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 4 engine. Players will be able to engage in the most intense combat directly on the experience screen. Despite the fact that the game was built for mobile devices, the graphical quality is comparable to that of the PC version, promising to delight gamers. However, this necessitates the possession of a gadget with sufficient setup. If you wish to have a steady and smooth gaming experience.

Unlimited Money

This is the best feature of this cracked program because every cod gamer desires free infinite money. This money can be used to make purchases in the game. Although all bought items are free to use and unlock, if you want skin or another item, you can use this money to purchase it.

These are some of the game’s best features. As a result, this game is superior to the official version. This game has many additional features, such as Outfits, Clan Prizes, and so on. It will be great if you are aware of those aspects when playing the game. Now that you’ve learned about the features, you may read about the downloading and installation process.

Thousands of people search the Internet all day for the cracked version of Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK to download. However, downloading COD Mobile MOD APK is difficult owing to a lack of access to the correct website.

Battle Pass

If you’ve played any other online battle royale game on an Android device, you’re already familiar with the season-to-season battle passes. COD also has a season subscription Battle Pass, similar to PUBG’s Royale Pass and Free Fire’s Elite Pass, which comes in two flavors – basic and premium.

Premium Pass – Premium Pass gives you access to all of the awards available for each season, as well as the quantity of CPs you spend on them. Furthermore, this premium pass is upgraded every season, and in order to acquire all of the CPs for each season, you must play very well and accomplish all of the game’s missions. Essentially, this pass costs 220CP (about 220.00 INR).

Premium Pass Plus – The Premium Pass Plus includes all of the same benefits and features as the Premium Pass, but it also includes a few more. By purchasing the PremiumPass Plus, you will be able to bypass 12 tiers and begin at Tier 13, making it easier to complete tasks and win the majority of the rewards early in the season.

Using Drones to Your Advantage

Using drones gives you the feeling of being two steps ahead of your opponent, which is crucial in terms of growth. The UAV, missile, and drone are all given to your character. It happens when you have a steady stream of foes to kill and you use your weapon efficiently at the proper time when playing multiplayer mode.

The missile aids in gaining control of the screen and aiming it at the adversary aids in killing from a long distance. All of the foes in the blast radius will perish. You can either launch the UAV in the general direction of the enemy or utilize it to kill enemies on impact. The drone will assist you in locating the opponent on the map and will make things simple with the UAV so that you may find it to be an effective option. This option is only available in multiplayer mode, but with effective progression, you may easily take advantage of it. Make sure you use this weapon only when it’s absolutely necessary.

Making Use of Boosts

As previously stated, each player has a class and a set of unique talents. When you’re doing your hardest to beat your opponents in multiplayer mode, you can take use of the developer-provided enhancements. You can test out all of the classes that each player has. This allows you to take advantage of a boost, making defeating your opponent appear simple.

These benefits will elevate you to a higher level, and they may even propel you into the ranks of advanced gamers. The ability to utilise your weapon with a match is the most important edge that all gamer seeks. In some circumstances, you may need to change weapons, which can be a significant issue, but not in this case, as it can help you proceed more quickly. You can modify your weapon depending on the enemy, making it easier to kill from afar. Using boosts will inform you about the enemy as well as other aspects. Use all of your characters’ abilities to get a huge edge.

Helicopters and Throwables

You have two options for taking control of the adversary. You can utilise throwables or Helicopter to get the job done. It’s critical to be selective when employing these skills to prevent getting yourself into trouble. A large number of throwable items are available in Call of Duty.

These are useful in situations where you can’t go out and make your presence known to everyone. There are other throwables that are simple, like as smoke, frag, or stun grenades. This contributes to a gameplay twist. In the game’s Battle Royale mode, on the other hand, using a helicopter is a viable option. It enables you to pilot a helicopter. Flying a helicopter appears to be risky, and doing so in multiplayer mode isn’t good for your teammates. It’s great for solo play and concealment. The enemy can simply fire on the chopper, and if your entire squad is aboard, your odds of survival are slim.

Because this can be a difficult situation, you should be as specific as possible. When the zone is shrinking, this is a better choice to consider. Take your time to perfect this talent because it is critical for effective growth at the hard level.

Falling from a High Place

When it comes to falling from a great height, the majority of gamers lose their lives. It’s a problem that every gamer faces because falling down the slope is a typical occurrence here. So, if you want to maximize your chances of surviving a fall, be in good shape and glide through the height. This will allow you to strike at a slower rate and with less damage.

This will supply you with a number of benefits while also consuming less of your health. It becomes easier to hide and scout opponents when you glide through the items and enter the secure zone. In such a case, act quickly because attackers may be aware of your whereabouts; therefore, travel in a safe direction to help kill more opponents. This is a crucial point to remember when performing solo. Continue traveling until you find a safe place to hide. It allowed you to hide and prepare for action. It’s crucial for rapid advancement and becoming the best gamer in no time.

Squat and Slide

It’s a good idea to crouch and slide if the enemy is about to confront you and you’re on his radar. While sprinting, the opponent can quickly anticipate your next move and fire bullets at you. However, tapping on a character causes it to crouch and slide. It is the greatest time to modify your course and stay on the safe side. This strategy makes moving faster a lot easier.

Running is pointless because confronting opponents at the same moment is difficult. To develop a strategy, choose a safe area and hide behind anything. In such a case, use your most powerful weapon. It also depends on which character you use. Changing direction abruptly while sprinting is a lesser-known trick that you can use.

You can practice how to crouch properly and slide in different directions in the solo mode. It takes some practise to grasp the fundamentals and find a secure haven. Because your opponent will not miss an opportunity to kill you, moving in a zigzag pattern is a good idea. Avoid encountering such a predicament because it is unsuitable for doctor and defender characters.

Exceptional Map Variety

If you’ve ever played a Call of Duty game, you’ll be familiar with the wide range of levels available in COD Mobile, the most advanced and up-to-date edition. COD includes around 20 in-game maps, including most of the popular maps like Standoff, Hijacked, Crash, Rust, and many others, as well as some freshly upgraded maps like SHIPMENT 1944, Cage, Summit, and other noteworthy locales.


In terms of armament and modes, no one, in our opinion, can match COD games. Since every game in the COD series comes with an arsenal that includes practically all of the new-gen firearms, armors, and other assets, you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from. The COD Mobile will give you massive weaponry as well as a limitless variety of firearm designs and skins. You’ll get over ten assault rifles, five LMGs, ten SMGs, five shotguns, six snipers, and one Marksman rifle in this game, and because it’s an online game, advanced weapons will be updated with new updates.

Unlimited COD points

Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK comes with unlimited COD points for unlocking more and more features inside the game and also helps cover more grounds related to a progression in the game. The COD points also help the player level raise and buy new outfits to give your avatar a pro look. It also has a great influence over the weapons as it allows the player to upgrade weapons as well. Isn’t it great!

Anti-Ban Feature

This mod version provides the players with high security where your account cannot be blocked or deleted by the developers of the game. No-one can even hack your account. The modded version of Call of duty MOD APK is programmed with an anti-ban feature which makes it sure that you will never face a ban anytime in your life. It has been a common issue that many mod versions of some applications whether those are gaming apps or video streaming apps or any other online tool apps have been banned by the developers. However, this mod APK is immune to banning and you can enjoy it to its fullest. How amazing that is!

  • Auto-aim
  • Wallhack
  • Unlock All Characters/Weapons/Outfits
  • Unlimited Ammo/ No reload
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Compatible with all Android versions
  • Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root your Android device!

Multiplayer games that are competitive

The game represents the zenith of mobile multiplayer gaming. Call of Duty Mobile is the way to go if you want to compete with individuals from all over the world. Millions of people around the world play the game, which is completely free to download. When playing the game, you can purchase extra features and combat passes, but the basic version is free.

Players Reviews About this Game

Players Reviews

• This game is very fun and pretty balanced. There are lots of skins and variants for weapons/operators which are only cosmetic and NOT P2W. Weekly modes/Monthly challenges are fun. The rewards you get for playing are also great. They’re definitely not as good as paid stuff, but it isn’t bad. The game has great movement/control, and the best maps from every CoD game to date. BR is also very fun and feels very rewarding to win. Forget it’s mobile, it’s a great experience for CoD veterans and newcomers.• Absolutely great. Really the best choice for the fps genre on mobile. Quality visuals, great combat, all the same mechanics from console titles for Call of Duty. Honestly has become my favorite game to play and I own a PC and console. Updates are small and manageable. Matchmaking is fast well under half a minute for most match types. If you use gyroscope aiming and a controller at the same time it is a phenomenal experience.

Why The MOD Version Isn’t Available On Google Play?

There are millions of games & apps available in the Google play store, and to be there the apps need to fulfill some set of rules as directed by Google. In the case of Call Of Duty MOD, it does not fulfill the rules set by Google because Google Play Store doesn’t provide the modded or premium version of any application. This is the reason, why COD MOD is not available in the google play store.

Why Should You Download COD MOD APK?

You’ll find this mobile game quite different from the other FPS games on ApkMODKING. It offers polished gameplay with realistic experiences like no other game. You’ll be playing the authentic modified version of the Call of Duty game from the original creators of Activision Publishing.

How to Install Call Of Duty MOD APK on Android?

  • First of all, make sure to delete any previous version of COD APK installed on your device. Then, go to settings, click on security, and then click on Enable The Unknown Sources(just in case if the installation doesn’t start).

Enable Unknown Sources

  • The mod apk file for this app is very easy to install. Here are a few steps to install this app on Android devices.
      1. Click on the download button below to download.
      2. Wait until the download completes, then open it.
      3. Install the app on your android device.
      4. Follow all the instructions given inside.
      5. Once it is properly installed, start, and enjoy the amazing features of this fantastic app.

How To Play Call Of Duty MOD on PC?

You can use this app easily by downloading and installing the PC version(if the PC version exists). But, this is the MOD APK version, so you will have to install an emulator in order to play this game. A lot of amazing and easy-to-use emulators are available like Blustacks, NoxPlayer, Andoird Studio, etc. I personally prefer NoxPlayer and Bluestacks as they are free and easy to use.

How To Install Call Of Duty MOD APK on PC?



  1. Click on the download button given above to download.
  2. Wait until the download completes, then right-click on the APK and choose Open with -> Nox App Player/Bluestacks.
  3. The emulator will pick up the APK and install the same on your PC or you can open the emulator and select ‘Import From Windows’.
  4. Launch Call Of Duty MOD from the home screen of the Android Emulator, follow all the instructions and enjoy this fantastic game.
  5. If the game doesn’t work or you don’t want to download it, download the OBB file and put it in the game folder.

Frequently Asked Questions About Call Of Duty Mobile

How do you snipe faster in Call of Duty Mobile?

Faster sniping necessitates a more mobile sniper rifle (I use the Arctic 50) as well as a rapid mag with faster reloads. Though moving while sniping makes aiming more difficult, it can be your strongest tool in shooting down your adversaries with perfect headshots with practice.

What is the best gun in Call of Duty Mobile?

The Type 25 is still a fantastic gun in all game modes and ranges, even after suffering a hit in the Season 11 update. The gun’s violent recoil and mediocre accuracy aren’t enough to counteract the SMG’s rapid-fire rate and assault rifle damage.

What is the best sensitivity for cod mobile?

The ideal sensitivity settings for MP mode are as follows: Multiplayer mode camera sensitivity: Sensitivity is set at 65. Sensitivity of ADS: 88.

What is a gyroscope in cod?

A gyroscope is a sensor found in smartphones that allow users to conduct activities on the screen by moving the device around. The aiming function in COD mobile is handled by the motions produced by the portable device after turning on the gyroscope.

How do you spot bots in Codm?

High-ranking players in COD Mobile can still encounter some bots in the usual game types. Bots may be easily spotted in the game by looking at their movement patterns.

Can you use the Mod Version?

The answer is YES. If you are using the CODM Mod menu no ban provided in our article, you can enjoy paid features for free.

Is it free to use and install?

The answer is again YES. This Mod Apk is 100% Free to install. It does not have any disturbing ads, so you can enjoy using it to its fullest.

Do I Need to buy Premium Offers After downloading the MOD version?

No, you do not have to buy anything after downloading this COD Mod Apk. Everything is totally unlocked and you can access VIP and Premium features for free. Enjoy all the latest features for free after downloading the COD Mod Apk.

Is it safe?

It is one of the important and frequently asked questions by the users before installing this app. Well, it is 100% safe and secure to use on your Android device as well as on your PC as it is just the modded version of the Official COD game with some additional features. There are so many users who have been using this app for a long time and haven’t faced any type of insecurity.

Does Using The Modded Version Will Ban My Account?

Let me clear your concern that the modded version of COD MOD APK is programmed with an anti-ban feature which makes it sure that you will never face a ban anytime in your life.


I hope you are clear about everything related to COD MOD after reading this comprehensive article guide by APKHORSE. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section provided below. We will love to answer your queries. Also, go through other articles to get more amazing Mods.

Thank You.

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